Mum ‘flabbergasted’ as son, 8, saved her life after she collapsed and fell down stairs

A mum was left “absolutely flabbergasted” after her eight-year-old son saved her life when she collapsed and fell down the stairs.

Regan Deeley has no recollection of the fall which took place at the family home in South Shields, South Tyneside, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The 30-year-old only remembers coming to and finding her son Grayson Stewart looking after her, having already called the emergency services.

Regan said she had woken up at 3am in the morning and felt a bit dizzy and sick.

But the mum had no more recollection of events until she woke up with Grayson on the phone to emergency services.

When she came to she was at the bottom of the stairs and it is believed she took a heavy fall after passing out at the top.

Following advice from the call handler, Grayson carried out a number of checks to check his mum’s health and make sure her fall wasn’t too serious.

This included checking her pulse and making sure she could still feel her limbs.

The mum went on to say that she believes Grayson’s quick actions saved her life and she had no idea how long she might’ve been laying there otherwise.

She said: “I had landed head first, so my body was still halfway up the stairs and my arms were trapped under me. I had had quite a knock to the head.

“The lady on the phone must have been asking him to check how I was getting on.

“He was checking for my pulse and breathing and then he was touching my arms and legs and asking ‘Can you feel this?’”

Grayson let the paramedics into the house as soon as they arrived and helped them with Regan before taking care of little brother Drew, five.

“I have got a little unit at the bottom of the stairs and my leg was trapped – he helped the paramedics to move it,” Regan told The Shields Gazette.

“They put me in a neck brace and head blocks. While they were doing that, he got his little brother out of bed, got him dressed and reassured him, then told the ambulance crew they needed to go to a neighbour’s house, and which one, so one of the paramedics took them over.”

Regan – herself a student paramedic – is recovering at home. She said: “I had a full CT scan yesterday. It looks as though I’ve not broken any bones or got any internal bleeding – it is just some heavy bruising.”

But it remains a mystery as to why the mum passed out in the first place and Regan said it might’ve been due to her blood pressure which dropped too quickly.

She is delighted with how Grayson coped: “I have always told my little boys in the past

‘If you ever need anything , then you should call 999 – he actually called 911, but the system puts you through anyway.

“He is only eight-year-old but some adults could not have dealt with what he has . He just took control of the whole thing. I am absolutely flabbergasted.

“I have nominated him for an ambulance service bravery award.”